Dragon Boating - More than a sport, a Tradition


週五, 28 十月 2016 22:04

龍舟人 Dragon Boaters

(有意請PM我或Whatsapp 6881 4998)

With just a simple action, you could be a part of bringing this magical moment to life. "龍舟人. Dragon Boaters". A heart pounding film, that'll bring you to the edge of your seats, as we take you to the action, people, and the culture, of one of Asia's oldest traditions and sports - Dragon boat racing. Our dream, is to introduce Hong Kong's traditional dragon boating, to the world's biggest stages, and spread it internationally. In order to make our dreams come true, we will be selling limited edition T-shirts, to help raise funds for filming. So hurry and get one, while supplies last! These jerseys make great gifts, for friends and family! Every bit of your support, will be greatly appreciated!

For orders, please whatsapp 6881 4998 (stage 1 order close on 15 Nov)

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