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Buzz Dragon Boat Society 霸士龍 - SCMP 南華早報

Buzz Dragon Boat Society 霸士龍


Founded in 2001, Buzz Dragon Boating Society evolved from a group of 10 paddlers, to more than 60 members today, and hopes to capture one of the championships on June 9.

The club was named after Scott Buzby, a paddler who passed away in 2000.

Buzz has men’s, women’s and mixed teams, and regularly competes in club, local and international dragon boat races.

Buzz has gained respect from many in the dragon boat community. That respect allowed them to participate in invite-only fishermen races – a rarity for a team with a significant number of foreigners.

Participants are usually fishermen or decedents of fishermen, who carry their dragon boats on their vessels, place markers in open waters such as Stanley or Tai Tam Bay, and compete against one another.

Buzz will be defending their mixed division title at Aberdeen on June 9. All three teams will be competing during the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival on June 11 and 12.


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