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2019-2020年度大專龍舟錦標賽 - 取消通知




Dragon Boat Championships



Notice of Championships Cancellation


因應新型冠狀病毒的最新發展,大專體育協會已密切監察及評估情況。在與會員積極 討論後,並考慮到所有院校已停止運動代表隊的訓練,以及部分院校將於五月初開始 考試,大專體育協會認為現時的情況不宜作賽,因此決定取消 2019-2020 年度的所有 大專比賽,以保障所有參與人士的健康,並減少病毒在社區傳播的風險。

In view of the latest development of the novel coronavirus, the Federation has been closely and actively monitoring and assessing the situation. Having proactively discussed with our members and taking into consideration the cancellation of sports team trainings at all of our member institutions and the starting of exam period of some institutions in early May, the Federation has come to the view that it would not be safe or prudent for competitions to be held at this time. The Federation has therefore decided to cancel all the competitions for year 2019-2020 to safeguard the health of all participants and to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community.


Source: 中國香港大專體育協會有限公司 The University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited



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