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2020 Lamma 500 Intl Dragon Boat Festival - Cancelled

2020 Lamma 500

International Dragon Boat Festival


Dear paddlers, team captains and managers,
We are very sorry to inform you that this year’s HSBC Life Lamma 500 event has been cancelled as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 concerns. We did delay our decision as we believed that if there was any chance to hold the event, we wanted to offer our great community of paddlers every opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy a day’s friendly and competitive paddling, and celebrate the sport that we all love so much. At this time, however, we believe that the safety and health of our friends, family and community are more important.


We will be reviewing the race calendar this season in the event that a window appears when we could safely hold the event. Whether that is later this summer or early autumn, we are not yet sure, but we hope that once the COVID-19 situation is brought under control, we can continue to offer you the great racing and celebrating for which Lamma is known.
Lamma 500
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